No Need To Be Afraid of Boris

The current furore over Boris being a racist is simply laughable. You cannot just paint a person in anti-black paint on the basis of criticising black people, be it in a comical way. The trouble with the contemporary do good-ers is their lack of insight into the dynamics of modern communities. Ethnic minorities are perceptive enough to spot a racist and are intelligent enough not to waste time or effort in futile anti-racist protests that do not serve any purpose whatsoever.

The key issue is oppression, abuse and cruelty. I believe that anyone who stands against evil and promotes a sharing, caring and sustainable community in which everyone no matter their creed lives peacefully is worthy of praise. While it is impossible to please everyone, in my opinion, Boris has the conviction to improve the quality of life for all in this (London)community.


Anonymous said…
Boris Johnson is scary. "The key issue is oppression, abuse and cruelty" - (Boris Johnson to Doreen Lawrence; "let the police do their job"). He also voted against repealing Section 28. So he clearly wants to oppress homosexuals too.
O, and to those voting for him because he is "funny on the telly", so is George W. Bush.

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