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final Countdown

Londoners, remember to choose the mayor for your city.... London rocks, so rock on!

Leading London

Sky news reports that; Boris Johnson has maintained his lead in the latest poll which shows he is the most likely candidate to become the next Mayor of London. London is a complex city. Winning elections is just half the job, maintaining London as the capital of the world is the holy grail. Many are called, but few are chosen. The job of London Mayor comes with huge obligations that opinion polls do not take into account. Londoners are inherently obliged to rally behind a leader who can steer this great city in the right direction. After all, it's our city and we should ensure that our leader is fit for purpose. Common sense will prevail!

Mapping Crime

Like any other big city, London has it's own share of crime. This will always be a challenge for any London Mayor. Crime should be be exposed. Silence and secrecy fuels criminal activities. Google Earth is a useful tool in combatting crime by pin- pointing areas rife with crime. Publishing the local crime maps would allow people to find out exactly how safe their neighbourhoods are. Boris was right when he said: "It would be like Google Earth on your own neighbourhood - you could zero in on streets. It would make the streets safer and make people feel more confident." I developed this mashup for the local area to promote services available. This can be adapted to show crime hotspots.

Boris and Gadgets

With the London mayoral elections looming Google tools are vital for building awareness of election issues. Gadgets are basically interactive and dynamic mini-billboards and are one of the fastest growing applications at Google. They're the foundation for iGoogle, the personalized version of the Google homepage that has tens of millions of users. They can also be included on most any page on the web with some simple copy-and-paste. Back Boris by adding this gadget to your homepage.
I have been speaking to people about the forthcoming London Mayoral Elections and trumpeting the virtue or the prospect of Boris being "the one." What is always noticeble is the chuckle and resignation that Boris Johnson is not serious. I find this quite surprising because I believe that a little humour goes a long way to uplift spirits. Of course, we need to put issues into perspective and be sensitive to those who feel differently about some issues. Let's not abandon the great British sense of humour. I think it's the best in the world. As London Mayor, Boris will make living in London a lot more fun!