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Join Boris and his team in city hall

Now that the election is over, this website will no longer be updated regularly. But if you'd like to know what Boris Johnson and his team are up to in City Hall, please visit

Boris Johnson Quotes

Google News has a neat little feature that allows users to view quotes made by prominent people featuring in the news. Just type in the name of the person when searching on Google News and the search results will highlight the latest quote from the person. ForInstance if you search for Boris Johnson you can view the latest quote from Boris Johnson. You can also view other quotes by Boris Johnson . hre is one i like; "Let's have a drink tonight, and let's get cracking tomorrow," Johnson — with a clump of platinum hair standing up — told supporters, who cheered in delight.

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

Boris Johnson has reached these voters, not by complaining and growling, but by cheering them up. He represents qualities which they like – an amused, relaxed, unjingoistic Englishness, anti-bureaucratic, politically incorrect but not right-wing. He is like something out of the novels of Charles Dickens - a national archetype whose character flourishes in the London air. The Telegraph summarises what they think of Boris Johnson