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Ken Livingstone will drag London backwards

With Labour's announcement this morning that Ken Livingstone will be their Mayoral candidate in 2012, the choice is now clear:  re-elect Boris, who will continue the job of tackling London's problems, or return to the old failed policies London rejected two years ago. We are writing to ask you to  volunteer ,  donate  and help keep Boris in City Hall See how he has delivered  real action for a Greater London . Ken will be a formidable opponent, with the full weight of the unions behind him. Ken's policies commit Londoners to yet more taxation to pay for unaffordable spending pledges. This is simply wrong. You cannot tax-and-spend-and-spend-some- more. The problems we have inherited from Labour at a national level must not be replicated at the heart of our economy in London. Ken Livingstone has had his chance and is determined to drag London backwards. The improvements we have been making can only continue with your help and support. Please visit the Boris websi