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Boris Johnson is a SEO Strategist

How Boris’ Remarks Affect Rankings After the interview, news pieces started popping up across the SERPs. The BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, The Sun, the Express, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The London Economic, and many, many more are dominating the news section of Google, all referring to him and his supposed new hobby. And in the title of every single piece of coverage? His name next to the word ‘bus’. Let’s look at this as if it were a content marketing campaign you were running for your client. Say the KPI was increasing the rankings of a specific keyword, or perhaps more generally the branded key term. Any marketer undergoing a link building campaign waiting for press to come in would consider the above coverage as a huge success, no doubt monitoring closely what affect this would have on your client’s rankings. But here’s why all this really matters. Learn more from source