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You are invited to Boris Johnson's book launch

The following is a message from Boris Johnson, The mayor of London. (Dear Londoners) I love London. I love its vibrancy, its energy and its can-do spirit. That's why I ran for Mayor in 2008 and it's why I'm running again. The strength of a city lies in its people - from the famous, the infamous to the heroically obscure. From an earlier Mayor of London Dick Whittington to the tireless volunteers working to turn around London's next generation. All whose endeavours have built the place we call home, I salute. Which is why I decided to write a book about the people who made the city that made the world. And I want you to join me in a celebration of these fellow Londoners. Just reply to this email ([email protected]) with your full name and phone number to get a free ticket to attend the launch of my book, Johnson's Life of London, on Thursday 10th November at 7pm. Tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. The first 200 people to respond will