My Wish For UK Prime Minister

As a resident in London with voting rights I have political opinions and I am committed to playing my small part in improving the quality of life in my community, so here is my political wish list for Our Prime Minister:-

Do not blame ethnic minorities or immigrants for the breakdown of family values in London. Ethnic minorities do not have much influence in the economic balance of London and are more or less victims of the more powerful forces of the local corporate system.

Do not blame hip hop music for the "gang culture" in London. History shows that gangs existed in London even before Hip Hop became mainstream. Just look at the movies featuring local gangsters.

Black boys are not the only children with a crisis of identity. Most children are facing crises on different levels.

Do not pander to the media that highlights failings amongst ethnic minorities but suppresses crises amongst local people.

Do not force feed cultural influences on people with varied traditions, learn from them and collaborate.

The law should be applied equally and punishment should fit the crime.

Ethnic minorities do not need favours or special treatment. Ethnic minorities are able to contribute to the good of our community given an equal chance as everyone else. There is no need for special treats to appease ethnic minorities at the expense of local people. We all live in the same community and share the same vision of improving the quality of life.

Do not use labels like black, white, hair colour, class,immigrants because these do not serve any meaningful purpose and are at worst divisive and annoying. What matters most is the person's character.

Avoid the politics of hate at all costs. Do not be evil.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and I encourage others to add to it, revise it, correct it or gripe about it.


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